About Field Capture

What about us?

FieldCapture is a mobile forms and workflow solution for businesses that enables companies to easily capture information in the field on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Paperless Forms

Our paperless forms are designed to complement your company’s enterprise mobility needs and increase the efficiency and productivity of your mobile workforce. We have harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions with mobile forms that save time and money.


Like most businesses you probably have staff that fill in forms when out and about doing their work. Job sheets, service sheets, inspections, sales order forms, time sheets, enquiry, survey… the list goes on. Did you know that globally on average, 72% of these forms are sent or driven back to an office where they are retyped or scanned? Of course, thats assuming they actually make it back as most traditional methods such as fax, post or even driving them back can result in long delays and even lost forms and therefore lost revenue. What a waste of time and money!


Now there is a better way. A way that still uses the existing form layout, gets forms back to the office in seconds from anywhere in the world and that doesn’t change the way staff work. Its low cost and so easy to use you don’t need a training course either. How? Well quite simply the Word/PDF versions of your current paper forms are published to an iPad or Android based tablet – the same form, only without the paper! Users complete the form by typing or natural handwriting as they do now and handwriting is converted (if you wish) on the tablet as you write.


Options exist to add voice recordings, GPS coordinates, REAL signatures and photos before sending over the mobile phone network/wifi. Within 30 seconds the office receive a PDF version of the completed form along with attachments and signatures ready to action or file electronically. Imagine being able to invoice in seconds not days. Imagine easily evidencing work was done to comply to contracts/legislation. Imagine not filing or scanning paperwork and reducing the cost of your paper processes by up to 80%. You are imagining FieldCapture Cloud.